Teach Yourself To Relax and Sleep

courselaptop Teach Yourself To Relax and SleepAccording to some statistics, 1 in 4 adults experience sleeping difficulties at some stage in their lives. Billions are spent on sleeping pills and other forms of medication each year. However many doctors believe that sleeping medication serves as a bandaid rather than healing the core of the problem.

In addition, many people are looking for alternatives to sleeping medication because they are worried about the habit-forming nature of this kind of remedy and the potential side effects.

I have developed an online course to help with one particular aspect of sleeping deprivation, namely, insomnia that is caused by emotional stress, racing thoughts or an overactive mind.  It’s called Meditations for Sleep, Stress Relief and Relaxation.

I wanted to create a short course that people would find simple and accessible. It lasts for three weeks but you can take it at a slower pace if you need to.

Insomnia is a global problem and this is an online course so it’s convenient for people to study at a time that is suitable for them no matter what time zone or which part of the world they live in.

Meditations for Sleep is held on a special membership site. There is the option of paying by two monthly instalments.

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The course particularly focuses on the problem of how to relax when your mind cannot stop jumping from one subject to another or when you are worrying endlessly about a particular challenge that is dominating your daily life.

It deals both with the physical relaxation of the body and with mental relaxation and emotional stress release in equal parts.

All the techniques in my course were developed by medical physicians to deal with stress-related problems. The techniques have been researched, adapted, evolved and proven successful by their peers and successors.

I have combined the techniques and adapted them specifically for the purposes of aiding the problems that are caused by sleep deprivation.

However the course is not only for people who are suffering with sleeping difficulties.  It is also suitable for people who are experiencing daily stress which prevents them from being able to relax at any time.

There are also tools and techniques that you can learn which are helpful for dealing effectively with the external circumstances that may be keeping you awake or keeping you at a high level of stress.

Better sleep helps to improve emotional health and well-being and helps to prevent the development of serious illnesses relating to the brain and heart.

notmeditation 300x225 Teach Yourself To Relax and SleepMeditation has also been proven to help improve emotional and well-being as well as being an aid to beat insomnia.

However meditation can seem impossible and unattractive to people who lead busy lives and who have very busy minds.

The guided meditation recordings and instructions on this course help to bypass the barriers of the busy and stressed-out conscious mind and tap into the power of the receptive unconscious.  This shortcut speeds up our ability to relax the body and mind, de-stress and fall asleep more quickly.

If you would like to get more information about Meditations for Sleep, Stress Relief and Relaxation, click here to visit the membership site and watch the introductory video.

You can also register for the free Get More Sleep Web Seminar series to get short audio and video presentations containing tips, strategies and information to help with falling asleep and staying asleep naturally.

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